Black Sun by Mads Z is a universe of luxury bohemian bracelets made from the finest materials. Inspired by the life of the surfers on the American West Coast, the bracelets are a basic sense of freedom, a lifestyle of free choice and an unpretentious mentality.
The Black Sun bracelet is completely unique partly because of the genuine materials and especially because you choose how your bracelet should look: – either by designing your bracelet from scratch yourself or choosing from finished designs composed by Mads Z.

Design your bracelet yourself:
First, select the colour of your base bracelet and then whether the lock should be in gold or silver. Add beads in the materials and colours you want; gold, silver, wood or precious stones. Your choice is the expression of a completely personalized bracelet.

Choose from finished designs:
You can also choose your bracelet among finished designs – or be inspired to make your own combination. In “Designer’s choice”, Mads Z has designed a collection of bracelets that show you some of the possibilities with Black Sun. The bracelets are all named from famous and hip surfing places around the world.

Black Sun is a unisex bracelet that, depending on the material choice, appeals to both him and her. Explore the Black Sun universe yourself and let yourself be inspired by the bracelet you want!